A bike storage installation dedicated to celebrating Copenhagen's bike culture.

Location | København H                 Capacity | 1.700 Bikes

Main Render .jpg

Bicycles are art. They are a perfect representation of Copenhagen, it’s culture, and it’s people. To celebrate that user’s bikes are put display as the “architectural detail”, slotting into the structure itself and becoming an ever changing amorphous shell of the piece. The bikes in-turn provide color, form and spark an interest between bikes and their users. On the inside of the structure an endless sea of floating tires hangs above, all while hosting an open venue space for markets and events.   

night render 2.jpg

Night Render | Perforations in the structure allow light to bleed through illuminating the bikes above


Interior Render | Showcasing the "Architectural Detail" of the bike as an organic ceiling installation.



The bike slots into perforations made along the metal structure, from above the shell formed from the frame of the bike. Below the tire's hang above becoming a fantastical ceiling installation to user's below.


As the perforations of the structure allow bikes to be placed as close as possible to one another, this lead to a devolpmental study of human patterning. A study of organic paterning vs artifical and how many bikes could different solutions fit.