Building off a previous project I had planned to make a set of chairs that would pair with my cantilevered table. Using a similar material styling and construction. However what occurred in the design of the final isn’t really a chair. Although it has a seat, a back, and legs; when one sits in it it’s hard to say that your sitting in a chair. It’s a response to a question of what is a chair and how does one sit in it? 

MAHLA_jakob chair#2 des3322 f2017 v1.jpg
SKetch 4.jpg

Intial sketches were focused primary on the metal frame and how users would sit and interact with the frame and not necessarily the wood of the seat. Prototype’s acted more like stools rather than chairs without backs. Experiementing with the idea of “fake backs” brought to question the responbility of  designer when it come’s to the chair’s users. It’s a false promise that if acted on that could be potentinally damaging to user’s. 

MAHLA_jakob chair#2 des3322 f2017 v5.jpg


Initial Prototypes testing ideas, with form and sitting positions. Also playing with the ideas of interchangable parts and "fake backs"


Overall the piece is a response to a question, a test challenging established form. What is a chair, how is formed, and how do we sit on it?