The screen was first conceived as an aesthetic response to what a screen was, rather than focusing on the privacy of the screen I was far more interested in the visual aspect of it. This idea lead into an exploration into the visualization of seafaring screens otherwise known as sails.

Full tbale.jpg
Screen 3.jpg
screen 2.jpg

Initial sketches where focused on the frame of the screen and how it could support a sail like screen rested within it, through iterations the design was simplified into it’s base needs, the result was a simple movement of a 45 degree angle supporting the fabric in the typical expression of a sail.



With the frame completed, it needed a base for it to stand and take on it’s role as a screen. Multiple tests based on balance and construction of various types of stands were tried.  The final result was a stand that slid down the form of the frame allowing a range of motion and levels of privacy.

Screen Handout 2.jpg

Explorations in patterning


Overall the final expression was a mix of explorations, of frame, support, cloth, pattern, and of color, while no where near complete explorations of these ideas. Their synthesis resulted in a screen to rival it’s seafaring brethren.