Within any city there are perfect places just simply ignored or just needing some attention and care to turn them into vibrant public spaces. My site located in the Mill District of Minneapolis is one of those sites that has great potential to be a lifeblood space of Minneapolis, to give it something unique and for the public to enjoy.

Main render.jpg
P3_Final Intervention_1 (1).jpg

The first intervention to the site was to complete the fourth wall. By draping a screen down it preserves the space while adding an ethereal element to contrast it. The screen can used for projections, inspired by guerrilla advertising to create surreal images whether it be for advertisements, art, or simply illuding to events that may happen behind the screen in the courtyard below. 

P3_Final Intervention_2 (1).jpg

The second intervention is replacing the floor and completing the stage area that was already present in the architecture of the space. Here users can hang out and relax or enjoy events at this public venue space. Being very light and minimal to the interventions at hand as not to disturb the beauty of the architecture.

P3_Final Intervention_3.jpg


The screen is the quintessential part of this project that ties the intervention together. From the entry it's transparency blurs the architecture and people together only letting it's beautiful light shine through hinting at a space behind. It creates this threshold between the urban fabric.

Image 1_1_Original.jpg
Image 2_1_Orignal.jpg
Image 3_1_Original.jpg

Original site photos. 



Going through multiple different site changes, I finally found one that just stuck out to me. A public courtyard space, created by three building's shear proximity. The cuts they create lets in beautiful light mimicking that of a church, their materiality blends together to form a cohesive space. It's beauty is what captures the space but it also taught me restraint in design as to not overpower it.



In preparation for the project we studying graphic images to learn how they work and what they could teach us about space. I chose three movie posters, Raw, Palo Alto and So Bye-Bye. What was gained from this exercise was the the shear emotion the convey, but not in the overall piece but rather in the details of it. Every part contributes to the success of the design, each one carrying their own power.